Estoria Doors

Estoria Series

Doors with fixed decorated inlays.

This type of door has been designed to give elegance and style to your home or workplace.

An ancient and modern processing system was mixed in the same line.

The faceted relief inlay gives a touch of elegance to your environment.


All inlays are made of solid wood of various essences.
For the natural wood finishes : solid Oak or Canaletto Walnut.
For the lacquered finishes : solid lime wood.

Door panel sp. 40 mm
Door frame sp. 40 mm
Frame thickness 11 x 70 mm

Standard frame external dimensions :

780 x 2140 x 10.8
880 x 2140 x 10.8
980 x 2140 x 10.8

Customized sizes are also available on request

Estoria Door ES.01.S

Estoria Door ES.02

Estoria Door ES.03

Estoria Door ES.04