Home in Vicenza

Home in Vicenza Modern-style tavern with customized craftsmanship, Lemnarri doors, and white Arabescato marble. Retro lamps and Napo table. Wood remains the common thread among all components, making the space warm and welcoming. Bathroom and anteroom with elegant finishes and pastel colors, visible veins, and custom handles. All photos of the Apartment in Vicenza

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Home in Milano

Home in Milano Industrial style house with black-grey brown iron kitchen, built-in appliances. Style, simplicity and great design. ILarge windows with craftsmanship to divide the spaces, attention to detail that make the environment harmonious and in tune with the decor of the kitchen. All photos of the Apartment in Milano

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Parisian Atelier

Parisian Atelier In the spaces of an old Parisian Atelier, in collaboration with the architect, we have created a house of 120 square meters located in an attic. The old beams, specially left exposed and mixed between the furnishings, create a harmony between the past and the present. All spaces have been carefully designed to

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Dwelling in Paris

Dwelling in Paris In the first outskirts of Paris, in a context of terraced houses and in collaboration with the architects, we have created a kitchen-living room and a large outdoor terrace. La terrazza, che è stata fatta in struttura di metallo e legno africano resistente agli sbalzi termici, si affaccia in un giardino intero

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Loft in Paris

Loft in Paris In a residential context in the central area of Paris, in collaboration with the architects, we have created a linear furniture in American walnut essence creating a continuous link between the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. In the center of the room you see a slatted module on wheels that

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Mansard in Paris

Mansard in Paris The mansards of Paris are often critical spaces to furnish. With our experience and that of the architects, we have realized this project in essence of American walnut. By taking care of the details of the openings and adapting the furniture to the walls, we gave a linearity to the whole room.

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Home in Paris

Home in Paris Renovating a house is not always so easy. In this context, after the in-depth study of the architects, we have created furniture with simple materials with a natural appearance. We took great care of the alignment of the cuts at the various points of junction and left space and brightness to all

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Apartment in Satu Mare

Apartment in Satu Mare This apartment, located in the center of the town of Satu Mare in the North West of the Romania in Transylvania, was designed, built and installed completely by us. In the 42 sqm apartment, we highlighted the warmth of the wood combined with enveloping and harmonious colors, creating movements in the

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